Mike Ryan's On-Line

Evaluation and Video Lesson

All you have to do is take video of 3 swings right from you cell phone

Side View Exactly As You See Above 

Email that video to fastballusa@hotmail.com 
Subject -  Mike Ryan Video Analysis 

I will send back a detailed
video  and audio analysis Complete With: 

--> Side By Side Comparison To Elite MLB Hitters 

--> Simplified and easy to understand instruction.  NO B.S.  

---> Clearly identifying RED FLAGS (Opportunities to improve) 

You will understand what your athlete is doing well

You will understand exactly what your athlete needs to improve. 

Broken into 3 Simple Phases of The Swing

Phase 1 -   How Hitters Load and Build Energy 

Phase 2 -   Connection & Rotation Phase  

Phase 3 -   The Swing Phase 

In addition to this detailed video evaluation, I will also be providing you with Two Free Instructional Videos That Relate To the Areas That You will Need to Improve. 

Here is what you are getting..

The Video Evaluation ($100.00 Value)

Plus Two Instructional Videos ($200.00 Value)

And For A Limited Time....
Free Hitting Strategy Phone Call With Me

 Video Lesson and Evaluation With Mike Ryan 

is now only $99.00.