Parents -  Fastball USA is NOT for everyone.   Please read and make sure your kid is a good fit. 

Find out how Do You Compare To MLB Hitters?

The goal of the evaluation is to help determine each athletes strengths and areas that need improvement.

Within 1 week after the evaluation we will send you suggestions for training based on your acceptance into our program.  

We are looking for the right players and families NOT necessarily the most talented players.   Talent helps but is NOT our # 1 requirement. 

Why?  We firmly believe it doesn't matter where you start it only matters where you finish.  Nobody cares about how good you are today.   It's all about improvine 1%!

We are looking for players...
Who have a passion for the game & a passion to improve
Who have the determination to work hard to improve 
Players who are open minded and willing to learn 

We are looking for parents...
Who are supportive but not intrusive 
Parents who have the big picture in mind NOT looking for a quick fix, or an instant solution. 
Players who will spend time at home in bettween sessions about getting better. 

Parents who love...
That our training area is a players only area
Let your player grow and develop and be accountable 

Step 1 to improving anything is knowing exactly where you are at right now!    Start with the evaluation. 

Register For the 90 Minute In Personal Evaluation session with Fastball USA Owner and Director of Baseball Training, Mike Ryan. Coach Ryan is the author of the book, Creating The 100mph Hitter, and a former 16 year Associate Scout with the Seattle Mariners organization. Fastball USA began in 2001. Players all over the world have come to Fastball USA to work with Coach Mike Ryan and Coach Steve Vandenbranden who specialize in baseball power development. 

Coach Mike Ryan is the owner and director of baseball training at Fastball USA in Schaumburg,IL since 2001.   He is a former scout with the Seattle Mariners and author of the book, Creating The 100mph Hitter.  

Coach Ryan is also the lead hitting instructor for the Paul Reddick Baseball Education Center.  

Coach Steve Vandendbranden is the director of our Pitching/ Throwing, and strength development program known as the Black Belt Program.     Coach Vandenbranden has been training players at Fastball USA since 2003.   He is the former Head Baseball Coach of many years at North Park University in Chicago 

Under Coach Steve's guidance, Fastball USA has created 26, 100mph athletes and over 200, 90mph athletes.   Players throughout the United States have benefited from Coach Steve's instruction, motivation, and training.     His specialty is pitching, throwing development, and creating a stronger, more explosive baseball athlete. 

Those accepted into our Academy Program will get an opportunity to work with Coach Mike Ryan and Coach Steve Vandenbranden on a on-going basis

Ryan Loutos began training in the 6th grade.   He turned a 70mph fastball his freshman year in high school to a 90mph fastball his senior year.   He is now one of top ranked D3 pitchers in the country throwing as hard as 94mph. 

The Evaluation Session is schedule by appointment only 


You will receive an email to schedule your evaluation session 


Part 1.   Q&A  Game peformance audit  

This systematic portion is designed to get to know the athlete in terms
of game time performances.   Everyone is different in terms of strengths
and areas that need improvement. 

The Q&A sessions alerts us to look for clues during the video evaluation. 

Part 2.    Objective Measurement & Testing 

Testing includes measuring your ball exit velocity, bat speed, ball flight. 

Testing also includes measuring throwing velocity and throwing accuracy. 

Part 3.      The Video Analysis 

The video analysis is the staple of each evaluation.    Each player will receive a video analysis of both the hitting and throwing motions.    Coach Ryan walks each player through what great players do a like and shows them exactly how they compare. 

Red Flags -   A red flag is something that is obvious that needs to be improved.   We will be looking for RED Flags.    A Red Flag is your greatest opportunity to improve. 

Yellow Flags -     A yellow flag is something that can be improved but is NOT your priority. 

Get Tested! 

How hard do you hit ?
How fast do you throw?
How quick do you swing?
How well do you move?
How good is your strength?

A Great Way To Get Started For Local Students... Only $99.00
--> Ideal for players with the passion for the game and a passion for improving. 
--> Ideal for the those who have the work ethic and desire to train to improve. 
--> Evaluation Session is required to be considered for on-going training