When The Lesson Ends....

The Training Needs to Begin!  

200 Hours of Private Instruction
would easily cost close to $20,000
or more so that's not realistic for most. 

The Problem...

When the instruction/lesson is over, then what?

--> Most instructors and facilities are turning the hardest part over to you..... the parent, and the player.  

Which is..... The training!


Bryce Harper estimates he took millions of swings as a youngster.  Millions.    And he said he did it

while focusing on very specific goals.    His swing developed by the focus of the END GOAL, which in turn was FORMING HIS TECHNIQUE. 

--> He says he often spent 3 plus hours a day in the Vegas
heat with his dad taking BP, ground balls, blocking pitches, throwing, ect...

(All while the other kids were at the mall in the A/C or 
playing video games)

 That's called training!    Harper says he had no lessons 
growing up other than the lessons taught by his dad.   

The hours put in, combined with deliberate practice, was 
a special formula.  

AT Fastball USA we refer to this
as INTENT DRIVEN Training.   

- Intent Driven (Where We begin and End) 
- Efficiency Driven (Efficient Technique)
- Environment Driven (How change of the environment effects the technique)

There Are just 3 Ways to shape technique
and improve performance but 3 ways 
we use very often.   

These methods have led to us
creating 191, 90mph athletes. 

What methods are you using in your training?  

OR.... Is the lesson the fix, and in between lessons
your athlete is barely practicing. 

Or.....Is he practicing while butting heads with dad, 
and a lack of focus, with a lack of intensity.  


What type of environment does your son or daughter train ?

Is it challenging?   (Involves failure, need for adjustment) 

Is their accountability?  (When I don't perform, I own it)

Does it use multiple ways to train and learn movements?  (or just 1 way)

Is it Goal Driven?   (Or are you hoping the process you were taught works)

Does it encourage and reward aggressiveness?    (The most important trait)

Does it includes instant and objective feedback?  (How am I doing?)

Is it robotic practice, or does he have freedom to move like an athlete?


200 Hours 

3 Hours...... 3 Days Per Week ...... 6 Months 

-->That's the average number of training hours
a student will put in between 
September and March 

if they attend our training sessions 

3 times per week

which is 3 hours per night. 

200 Hours ?  

Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, quickness, explosiveness, arm strength, arm health, 

accuracy, precision, Hitting Power, Hitting Precision, Timing, Reaction Time pressure, Mindset, strategy.    Plus throwing efficiency, hitting efficiency.  


Nearly 200 players have become, 90mph athletes and it is NOT because
of taking short cuts, or applying quick fixes.  

You Can Hope... 

You can hope that your son practices in between lessons.

You can hope he is motivated enough to do this on his own. 

You can hope he is doing it correctly. 


OR You can put him or her
in the environment that includes: 


Mindset, Motivation, Challenge,

Competition, High Energy, Group Support 

No More Hoping You Get it Right 

No More Hoping you will make progress 

No More Hoping your son will stay focused 


2020 Fastball USA Gold Memberships 

Gold Membership 

--> Includes Un-Limited Access To Our Elite Training Program
--> Not just during the off-season, but also during the season. 


For those attend any sessions during the season,
it's like getting Free Sessions.  Spring/Summer


Tuition Through February 7th


Compare this to $50.00 for a half hour lesson. 

-    Spread out over an entire year if you choose. 

Potentially 200 Hours of Training or more

---> $500.00 Secures Your Membership 

---> $200.00 Is your monthly Fee for Active Membership 

1 Year Commitment.  

Or you can Pay the membership up front for $2250.00. 
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Between Now and February 7th 

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(After the 7th, $250.00 Monthly or $2900.00 Pre Paid) 


- You also get 4 Evaluation Sessions throughout 
the year.   Basically 1, every 4 months.  

This is included in your package. 






More info:



Practice With Purpose! 

Mike Ryan
Fastball USA 
"Be Uncommon"